Fan Letters

Art & The Light Crust Doughboys sincerely thank you for your letters. Just as Art enjoys watching our music CDs fly out of our Store, Art also enjoys reading your letters!

I feel very blessed to know and work with you and the others.  Having made Texas our home when we could have lived anywhere and to be playing with THE most iconic Texas band ever is more than I could of asked for.

See you soon.


*****note by Texas Senator/Medical Doctor/professional drummer Bob Deuell to Art Greenhaw***** 

Dear Art,
Here’s the poem I wrote for your birthday. I hope you like it. :) <3

The Boy Who Became a King – 7/14/10

Born in the summer of nineteen fifty some-odd
A little boy who would yearn for Ed, Big Daddy’s, hot rod

He painted and sold shirts learning of free enterprise
But, there was a talent within he’d more fully realize

He would help out at the downtown family hardware store
Amidst piano, guitar lessons and performances galore

Developing his voice and learning trumpet it showed
From one Frank to another the ability was bestowed

On keys, frets and necks his fingers expertly contour
For the trumpet he possesses the perfect embouchure

Seeing Viva Las Vegas as a boy without regret
He fell in love with a starlet known as Ann-Margret

But, she wasn’t the only one for whom his passions would grow
He developed a fondness for “It Girl”, 1,000 watt Clara Bow

He was a fan of men, too, though it may seem kinda squirrely
In particular, three slapstickers named Larry, Moe & Curly

The Beatles rank highly and another you might not think
Having a deep admiration for Engelbert Humperdink

He played the Mesquite Opry, enduring songs full of noise
While making his transition to The Light Crust Doughboys

He won a Grammy, no one can refute
For his 2003 James Blackwood Tribute

Full of swagger with a voice so smooth it taunts
He’s a man after his time, immersed in renaissance

Donning custom made clothing and Edwardian suits
Pulling tightly the gussets on his suede beetle boots

Vintage, mod, a Lennon Rolls psychedelic
These are among the things that for him are copasetic

No love for DVD’s or most movies of today
Old Hollywood , black & white and VHS tapes are his way

A bit eccentric, truly knowing him few would
Comparing himself to the likes of director, Ed Wood

He likes vampires, werewolves and even mummies, too
And, Big Daddy Roth’s Rat Fink naming monsters just a few

Cell phone aversion, he doesn’t leave it on much
You’ll leave a message if you really want to get in touch

Married to his work, it’s not within him to digress
New ideas endlessly flow with music ever his mistress

Finding time to care for family and nurture friends somehow
He’s steeped in Christian values and a knowledge of the Tao

A deep passion for saving Mesquite while abiding by the law
That’s our hometown boy nicknamed Arturo Verde-haw

One could go on forever, continuing to say so much more
But, for now, Happy Birthday, King Arthur, EXCELSIOR!!!

Love, Claregina J

Dear Art,

Rosalynn joins me in thanking you for WE CALLED HIM MR. GOSPEL MUSIC: THE JAMES BLACKWOOD TRIBUTE ALBUM. It’s such a welcome addition to our collection. With warm best wishes to you, and sincerely,

Jimmy Carter
former President of The United States
(from signed, personal correspondence to Art from President Carter)

Dear Art,

Just have to tell you I’ve been listening to DOUGHBOY ROCK and am astounded by your amazing voice. I also have GUITARS OVER TEXAS CD and others, but can’t stop playing DOUGHBOY ROCK! God has richly gifted you, and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world.

Alejandra Vernon

Dear Art,

Would love to find out how you get Ann-Margret and Engelbert Humperdinck to do these great gospel records! And your James Blackwood Tribute Album, WE CALLED HIM MR. GOSPEL MUSIC, is so very moving.

Matt Curry
Associated Press

Dear Art,

Your 20TH CENTURY GOSPEL recording is a CD really worth listening to again and again! I know you have received other Grammy Nominations besides this one, and you and your artists have won the Grammy also! Nokie deserves this honor, and so do you, The Light Crust Doughboys and The Jordanaires. It’s so exciting…

Josie Wilson
original producer and co-producer of The Ventures’ records including
hit albums and “Walk Don’t Run”

Dear Art,

We are so thankful for The Grammy, and all the thanks goes to you. I have told several reporters you were the one that made it happen! How can we ever thank you enough?

Gordon Stoker
The Jordanaires

Dear Art,

Congratulations…Well-done! Really great that you won a Grammy!

Bob Shane
Founding Member – The Kingston Trio

Dear Art,

I just wanted to say the deepest thanks from the bottom of my heart for making it possible to receive a Grammy. I know it was all your hard work and perseverance that brought us to the goal. This is such an honor for me to work with such great and caring people. We’re all looking forward to working with you in the future.

Curtis Young
Member and 2nd Tenor – The Jordanaires

Dear Art,

The Grammys! Praise God! Congratulations on a job well-done! Love you!

Jimmy and Mona Blackwood
(son of James Blackwood and former lead singer, The Blackwood Brothers and The Stamps Quartet)

Congratulations, Art.

Bob Haworth
The Kingston Trio

Dear Art,

The two I most cared about got The Grammy! Congratulations!

Gretchen Christopher
The Fleetwoods (Fleetwoods’ founding member and BMI “Million Airs” songwriter)

Dear Art,

Congrats on the Grammy win last night!

Diane Gershuny
Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

Dear Art,

Texas native and Grammy winner — congratulations to you and The Light Crust Doughboys!

Walter Carter
Gibson Guitar Corp.

Dear Art,

I wanted to say how proud I was to see you take home The Grammy last night.

Terry Blackwood
(former lead singer, The Imperials)

Dear Art,

As a life-long fan of The Light Crust Doughboys, I send my greetings!

Bill Anderson
Country Music Hall of Famer, songwriter, singer

Dear Art,

In my years in Palestine I have been involved in many public events. None have compared with the appearance of The Light Crust Doughboys last Wednesday. It was the greatest.

The Doughboys made nearly 1,000 people happy. The Palestine Public Library’s Gregg Fund made an investment which will long be remembered.

Thank you for coming.

Wayne C. Sellers
Palestine, Texas

“When I’m elected President I’ve already figured out a spot in my Cabinet for you…Secretary of Music! (an idea who’s time has come!)”

“…I’ve gotta say I think the song is terrific. We were dancing around and clapping our hands and acting like a couple of kids while we were playing it, over and over again! I’ll bet they’re tearing their hair out over at Staples Center because they foolishly didn’t award it a Grammy last week! Once again a zillion thanks — I can’t find words enough to tell you how much I appreciate your enthusiasm, talent and extreme generosity…. so, till we hit the top of the charts — I’ll just close with a simple, but heartfelt — Excelsior!”

Stan Lee
Creator of the Marvel Universe of characters
and the father of Marvel Comics

“To Art Greenhaw, the voice of Rat Fink!,

Ya put the words rite in my mouth! Can ya rite me a symphony in C#?”

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth
Creator of Rat Fink, pop artist and hot rod legend

Dear Art,

Congratulations to you and your family for the accomplishments that have resulted in your Family Business Award. You have done a remarkable job as a family and as a company. My associates agreed that your success and your philosophy and values stand as a proud role model for all family businesses to learn from. It was especially enjoyable hearing your story of how this all has come about.

Michael Q. McAdams

Dear Art,

I heard from the Grammy-Nominated Light Crust Doughboys, who had gotten word that I was talking about their perfect Texas drawls.

Helen Bryant
Dallas Morning News

Dear Art,

As National President of NARAS it is my personal pleasure to congratulate you on your recognition by the members of the Recording Academy. It is the highest compliment you and your work can earn from your fellow music professionals.

Congratulations on your nomination and I hope to see your name on that list again and again.

Michael Greene
President & CEO
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc.

Dear Art,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much we appreciate your efforts to help instill the highest moral values among young people.

Stan Lee

Dear Art,

You “Kemo Sabay”

Clayton Moore
The Lone Ranger

Dearest Guys,

I find myself struggling with the words to express to you my gratitude for what you did in our community last night. Before I saw you on stage I expected a performance, what I saw was a ministry! You guys are an inspiration, an encouragement and a phenomenon!

Again, I want to thank you personally for your talent, enthusiasm, and willingness to come share with me your God-given talents. You are truly a blessing and I pray that your ministry will continue for many years to come.

Debora Crowder
Brownwood, Texas